TIL: don't use space as your leader in vim if you want to use the a.vim plugin

I just discovered that the a.vim plugin almost breaks my vim flow.

Here's why.

You might know the a.vim plugin. It was made to switch between source file and header file, including split-opening it and so on. It is really neat and I really like the idea. So I installed it. But unfortunately, it uses some insert-mode mappings which are mapped on <Leader> ... something. And as my Leader is space, it completely broke my vim flow, as everytime when I hit space, vim waits to complete my mapping... but I wasn't actually using a mapping, I was just typing.

This little offset broke everything for me... I could barely use vim. You might now say that I could set the timeout for vim to something small, like 300 or something. I tell you: No! It's just not the same.

So, I removed the a.vim plugin again. Sadly. Maybe there is an option to configure on what it is mapped, but I really don't care this much anymore!

tags: #programming #vim