“Unlocked” is a 2017 British-American action thriller movie starring Noomi Rapace and Orlando Bloom.

I had this movie on my watch list for a rather long time. Too long, to be honest. But first, let me lose some words about the


As always, I am giving away only a bare minimum of the plot so that I do not spoiler you.

CIA officer Alice works undercover at a community center in London. She passes on intel to the security services. The CIA and MI5 learn that radical imam Yazid Khaleel plans a biological attack on an American target on British soil in collaboration with American-born Islamic convert David Mercer.

That's boiled down from the plot on wikipedia.


On rottentomatoes the movie only has a rating of 4.31/10:

Unlocked strands an all-star cast in a spy thriller whose embrace of old-school formula might be refreshing if it weren't bogged down in genre clichés and a predictable plot.

I can only partly understand that. Of course the plot is a bit foreseeable, still, I was really well entertained. I did not yet see many movies with Orlando Bloom (safe Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean of course) and he has a really nice role in this movie.

I would rate this movie with a solid 7/10!