Vee restart here

I wrote this article before, but it vanished somehow. So I write it again.

The deal is: I removed ghost as a blogging platform and switched back to a static site compiler, compiling the contents on my local machine and publishing the generated html.

For generating the contents, I use “vee”. This is a bash script for doing blogs. There's nothing more to say about this, expect that the old articles from my ghost blog were imported here. They were all imported on one date, that's why they all have the same date (which is a bit funny if you look at the “Happy New Year” post – which is dated somewhere in the middle of the year now).

So, ... I hope this one will last longer than just some months. I really like it because it is so damn simple. And that's all I want: Publishing thoughts. No fancy stuff around, but human-readable blog raw material.

Licenses for the entries will follow, of course.

tags: #blog