War of the Worlds (2005)

“War of the Worlds” from 2005 is a Science-Fiction action movie directed by Steven Spielberg. It features, most prominently, Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. The movie is based on the 1897 novel by H. G. Wells and some might know about the radio show that most dramatically broadcasted live in 1938

causing panic among its listening audience, though the scale of panic is disputed



Well, the general plot is nothing new. Aliens invade the earth and want to kill all humans. That's about it, without giving too much away. Though the plot is rather trivial, the execution of it is really good.

The movie is really exciting, featuring some really nice and thrilling scenes where one could really chew fingernails! At the end it shifts a bit towards a war-movie.


rottentomatoes ranks the movie with a solid 7/10. Tom Cruise is a really good actor and I would even say a 8/10 would be legit for this movie.

I watched it three or four times now and I will most certainly rewatch it again!

It is a bit gory though, so maybe not the best fit for an evening with your children around! Definitively not with small children.