Who's writing there?

As this blog is the only resource you can find information about me, I decided to write some stuff about me!

I'm a (at this time) 22 year old guy, living and studying in Germany, in the Black Forest. I'm studying Computer Science and successfully finished my second semester at the moment.

I'm a free software and open source enthusiast since 2008 (ca.). My favourite operating system is Linux, Archlinux as distribution. But I also like Debian (not Ubuntu!) and other distributions. I'm a free software contributor, contributed to various open source projects, including the linux kernel [C], OSv [C, Java] (a VM-Operating system), tig [C] (a console frontend for git), agendav [PHP] (CAL-dav web client), davical [PHP] (CALdav and CARDdav server), nanoc [Ruby] (static site compiler), hashtable [C] (hashtable implementation) and much more smaller projects.

My favourite languages are C and Ruby, but I'm also very interested in functional languages like Haskell or Scala (but I don't like the JVM).

Besides this I like listening to music, cooking or contributing talks or other stuff to my local linux user group.

I think, that's it! If you have questions or ideas, you want me to know of... send me an email!

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