Why are some people stupid as _?

This post was written during my trip through Iceland and published much latern than it was written.

Right now I'm sitting in front of our mobile home in Iceland, at the most western point of europe. We've had a great day here and the camping side (nothing more than a few square meters of grass, but enough to host 20-30 parties with tents or mobile homes) is nice.

But what I do not understand is the stupidity of people. There are marked ways around here, everything else is nature and therefore protected area. Still, people are running through the grass and around in places where they are not supposed to. A few days ago we even saw a group of people multiple times pass a bird-protecting area without even considering taking the official (and nearby) roads.

I mean, are these people not thinking?

Also, just moments ago, a fellow camper entered the area and placed his car right next to ours... leaving out more than 50 square meters where enough space is available, but no, he placed his car less than two meters next to ours.

Next, a car with three Americans arrived. The little girl, maybe of 14 years, ran around in short pants and without shoes. In Iceland. We just had two pants and three Shirts to keep warm. Now they're sitting in the (still running) car to warm their selves. What the fuck?

So we moved to another position within the camping place. Hope that gets these idiots thinking, but I doubt it.

To end this rant: Pleace think before running around in protected areas and nature, especially if you're on vacation in another country. And also leave fellow hikers alone. In some places in Iceland there is little space for hikers with tents and such, but most times there is enough space to have 10 or more meters between you and your neighbors. And if you are too stupid to prepare yourselves for vacation with proper clothing, please stay at home.

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