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I've been a fan of the #ActivityPub stuff (or rather: the #fediverse) for a long time now, running a #mastodon account on for some time already, and I also have a #pixelfed account at

So it is just a logical step to switch the #blogging software I use to an ActivityPub supporting solution as well.

Thus, as of today, this blog runs of writefreely.

Blogging software

I've used a lot of different blogging software until now. Most of the time, it was static site compilers, because this way I did not have to maintain (mainly update) the software running the blog. Because I host on uberspace, I am free to chose from a range of solutions though. In the very beginning, I was running ghost as far as I can remember.

Lately, I did write less and less on this blog, which is a shame. I hope that with this new solution, I start writing more often even though I have to have a internet connection while writing (possible workarounds like preparing locally with vim or some markdown editor exist, of course).

Importing old posts

All my old posts were already written in markdown, so importing was not that complicated. I had to apply some vim-skills to my markdown files and then import them into #writefreely, but I had to adapt the timestamps. Also, the formatting sucks with the imported articles and maybe even links are broken.

TBH, that's not that important to me to make the effort of fixing every single (of the more than 200) articles.