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I am happy to announce that I am officially a (part-time/side-job) #freelancer for #rust #rustlang and #nixos #nix now!

You noticed the recent spike of Rust in your timelines? That's because Rust is the best thing since sliced bread! But Rust is not easy to learn!

That's where I come in! I am the guy you want for the time after the training of your developers! Because no training makes you a rockstar #rustlang programmer!

#hireme if you want to try out Rust in one of your projects to help your developers succeed! Whether it is #codereview, #consulting for your Rust experiments or for actual #softwaredevelopment, I can help your team get up to speed with #rustlang!

You also heard about #nix or #nixos and want to try it out? Let me help you exploring the ecosystem of functional package management to speed up your CI, development workflow and making your deployments reproducible!

For the readers of my blog: Above is clearly an advertisement. I won't post more ads on my blog, so be assured that this blog won't transform into an advertising machine!