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Now, this is rather untypical for me. “Constantine” is a superhero horror film. I am NOT into horror movies AT ALL. Still, I watched Constantine.

Especially because it features Keanu Reeves as the main actor. A must-watch(-actor), in my opinion.


John Constantine, an occult detective, is called to exorcise a possessed girl. He exorcises demons back to Hell to earn favor with Heaven, which he seeks salvation from because of an suicide attempt in his youth.

He helps someone learn the truth about her sister's death while unraveling a much larger and darker plot.

That's about as much as I can give away without revealing as much as the wikipedia article on the movie does.


On rottentomatoes, the movie averages at 5.4/10. I would tend towards 7/10 though, even though I am not favourable of horror movies at all.

Still, the tension (and hey, Keanu Reeves!!!) was great and I liked the movie a lot, despite some rather gory scenes.

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“Now you see me” is a series of movies. I'm talking about the first two parts here (a third is planned).

The movies are in the genre of a heist thriller, which I didn't know before, but I liked the format a lot!


First of all, these movies are about magicians. Sounds dull, you think? Well, nope. But first lets talk about the plot.

An FBI agent tracks a team of magicians who rob banks during their performances and reward their audiences with the money. This is as little as one can give away without revealing just too much.


In general, the stunts are really nice and entertaining, as well as the rest of the movies. “Thriller” is matching as a genre here, because the arc of suspense is clearly there!

Wikipedia states that

The film stayed in the top 10 of the North American box office for six weeks after release.

And although a citation is missing on that, I don't doubt it. On Rotten Tomatoes the films have an average rating of 5.71/10 and 4.85/10, which is clearly too low in my opinion. I would tend to give them a clean 8/10 and 7/10, to be honest.

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This time I want to write not about a Sci-Fi series or movie, but an action movie. The Italian Job is a “heist action thriller”. I like it because it does not have too much violence, only a bit of gunfire and one or two punches, but that's it.

Also, the movie is rather well-staffed, starring Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Jason Statham (which is one of the actors I'm rather fond of, to be honest).


As always, I do not want to spoiler too much, hence only this bit: The movie sets of in Venice, where John Bridger, a professional safecracker, manages to steal $35 Million with his team. After a successful escape, a team member turns on them and manages to escape. Of course, this means revenge.


The Italian Job “was the highest-grossing film produced by Paramount in 2003” (according to wikipedia). It has a relatively good rating of 6.43/10 on rottentomatoes and I would give it a solid 7/10.

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Altered Carbon is a Sci-Fi/Thriller series (wikipedia says “Cyberpunk”) produced by Netflix. Most Sci-Fi movies that were published in the last years were more or less “meh” (at least the ones from Hollywood). But not this one.

It was the first Sci-Fi series in years that really got me. Two seasons of ten and eigth episodes of pure tension, nice cliff-hangers, awesome spins and really, really nice plot twists. Like, not plot twist were you think “they just did this to keep going” – no, plot twist that one could've seen coming if being attentive, but surprising nonetheless.

I really, really hope that there will be a third season and that they continue with the high level of action, emotions, tension and well-crafted story line.

About the plot: I don't want to spoiler too much, because the plot is rather clear after the pilot episode. Just a few things: Takeshi Kovacs, is a former member of an elite military force of futuristic soldiers, part intelligence operative and part shock trooper, trained to adapt quickly to new bodies and new environments. He was in prison for 250 years, but is pulled back into a body because one of the wealthiest and most powerful men of the settled world wants him to solve his murder.

I guess that's not too much spoilered.

I've also been told that the movies differ greatly from the books. I've not read the books, but I liked the movie a lot and I guess others will to, even if they've read the books.

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