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34c3 was awesome. I prepared a blog article as my recap, though I failed to provide enough content. That's why I will simply list my “toots” from mastodon here, as a short recap for the whole congress.

  • (2017-12-26, 4:04 PM) – Arrived at #34c3
  • (2017-12-27, 9:55 AM) – Hi #31c3 ! Arrived in Adams, am excited for the intro talk in less than 65 min! Yes, I got the tag wrong on this one
  • (2017-12-27, 10:01 AM) – Oh my god I'm so excited about #34c3 ... this is huge, girls and boys! The best congress ever is about to start!
  • (2017-12-27, 10:25 AM) – Be awesome to eachother #34c3 ... so far it works beautifully!
  • (2017-12-27, 10:31 AM) – #34c3 first mate is empty.
  • (2017-12-27, 10:46 AM) – #34c3 – less than 15 minutes. Oh MY GOOOOOOOOOD
  • (2017-12-27, 10:49 AM) – Kinda sad that #fefe won't do the Fnord this year at #34c3 ... but I also think that this year was to shitty to laugh about it, right?
  • (2017-12-27, 10:51 AM) – #34c3 oh my good 10 minutes left!
  • (2017-12-27, 11:02 AM) – #34c3 GO GO GO GO!
  • (2017-12-27, 11:16 AM) – Vom Spieltrieb zur Wissbegierig! #34c3
  • (2017-12-27, 12:17 PM) – People asked me things because I am wearing a #nixos T-shirt! Awesome! #34c3
  • (2017-12-27, 12:59 PM) – I really hope i will be able to talk to the #secushare people today #34c3
  • (2017-12-27, 1:44 PM) – I talked to even more people about #nixos ... and also about #rust ... #34c3 barely started and is already awesome!
  • (2017-12-27, 4:28 PM) – Just found a seat in Adams. Awesome! #34c3
  • (2017-12-27, 8:16 PM) – Single girls of #34c3 – where are you?
  • (2017-12-28, 10:25 AM) – Day 2 at #34c3 ... Yeah! Today there will be the #mastodon #meetup ... Really looking forward to that!
  • (2017-12-28, 12:32 PM) – Just saw ads for a #rust #wayland compositor on an info screen at #34c3 – yeah, awesome!
  • (2017-12-28, 12:37 PM) – First mate today. Boom. I'm awake! #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 12:42 PM) – #mastodon ads on screen! Awesome! #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 12:45 PM) – #taskwarrior ads on screen – #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 3:14 PM) – I think I will not publish a blog post about the #34c3 but simply list all my toots and post that as an blog article. Seems to be much easier.
  • (2017-12-28, 3:15 PM) – #34c3 does not feel like a hacker event (at least not like the what I'm used to) because there are so many (beautiful) women around here.
  • (2017-12-28, 3:36 PM) – The food in the congress center in Leipzig at #34c3 is REALLY expensive IMO. 8.50 for a burger with some fries is too expensive. And it is even less than the Chili in Hamburg was.
  • (2017-12-28, 3:43 PM) – Prepare your toots! #mastodon meetup in less than 15 minutes! #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 3:50 PM) – #34c3 Hi #mastodon #meetup !
  • (2017-12-28, 3:55 PM) – Whuha... there are much more people than I've expected here at the #mastodon #meetup #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 4:03 PM) – Ok. Small #meetup – or not so small. Awesome. Room is packed. #34c3 awesomeness!
  • (2017-12-28, 4:09 PM) – 10 minutes in ... and we're already discussing pineapples. Community ftw! #34c3 #mastodon #meetup
  • (2017-12-28, 4:46 PM) – Limiting sharing of #toots does only work if all instances behave! #34c3 #mastodon #meetup
  • (2017-12-28, 4:56 PM) – Who-is-who #34c3 #mastodon #meetup doesn't work for me... because I don't know the 300 usernames from the top of my head...
  • (2017-12-28, 5:17 PM) – From one #meetup to the next: #nixos ! #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 5:57 PM) – Unfortunately the #nixos community has no space for their #meetup at #34c3 ... kinda ad-hoc now!
  • (2017-12-28, 7:58 PM) – Now... Where are all the single ladies? #34c3
  • (2017-12-28, 9:27 PM) – #34c3 can we have #trance #music please?
  • (2017-12-28, 9:38 PM) – Where are my fellow #34c3 #mastodon #meetup people? Get some #toots posted, come on!
  • (2017-12-29, 1:44 AM) – Day 2 ends for me now. #34c3
  • (2017-12-29, 10:30 AM) – Methodisch Inkorrekt. Approx. 1k people waiting in line. Not nice. #34c3
  • (2017-12-29, 10:43 AM) – Damn. Notebook battery ran out of power last night. Cannot check mails and other unimportant things while waiting in line. One improvement proposal for #34c3 – more power lines outside hackcenter!
  • (2017-12-29, 10:44 AM) – Nice. Now the wlan is breaking down. #34c3
  • (2017-12-29, 10:57 AM) – LAOOOOLAAA through the hall! We did it #34c3 !
  • (2017-12-30, 3:45 AM) – 9h Party. Straight. I'm dead. #34c3
  • (2017-12-30, 9:08 PM) – After some awesome days at the #34c3 I am intellectually burned out now. That's why the #trance #techno #rave yesterday was exactly the right thing to do!
  • (2017-12-30, 11:35 PM) – Where can I get the set from yesterday night Chaos Stage #34c3 ??? Would love to trance into the next year with it!
  • (2017-12-31, 11:05 PM) – My first little #34c3 congress résumé: I should continue on #imag and invest even more time. Not that I do not continue it, but progress is slowing down with the last months of my masters thesis... Understandable I guess.

That was my congress. Yes, there are few toots after 28th... because I was really tired by then and also had people to talk to all the time, so little time for microblogging there. All in all: It was the best congress so far!

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It is over. 33c3 has happened. Post depression already started.

Thank you all for beeing there and making congress great again! It really was a pleasure to meet you all and have awesome discussions, seeing awesome people and listening to awesome talks!

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My 2 cents on 32c3 – a short recap.

It. Was. Awesome.

No, really. I had not that much opportunities to talk to strangers, though it was an awesome congress and I really look forward to 33c3!

I talked a bit to the rust guys (less than expected, but anyways, yeah), watched several talks, including “fnord Jahresrückblick” and the Perl talk. They were sooo awesome! I really recommend to watch them online!

Sadly, I couldn't watch the “Security Nightmares” talk, as my train left at 18:30, but I watched it online and it was one of the most awesome talks.

As always after c3, I was completely exhausted afterwards (3 hours less sleep per night). But it was worth it.

I hope I have the opportunity to attend next year as well.

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I'm back from the 31c3, which was absolutely awesome for me! It was my first time at the congress and I met a lot of great people there, so it was a great success.

Richard Stallman, Matthew Garret and other great guys were hanging around at the 31c3, I had a chat with the gnupg maintainer and some students from the Netherlands, people from the Free software foundation and listened to discussions with a gnunet developer.

We, as a project, presented our semester project by giving a lightning talk and hacked a lot on it, too.

So, from my perspective, it were awesome days and I will be there next year again! tags: #programming #software #ccc